Jozi Sunset: Woodmead

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Sunset
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This site is dedicated to the wonders and marvels of Jozi. But even if you do stay at home every weekend and do nothing, there is still one thing about it the city that will keep you here and gives one life every afternoon. There have been so many days where after having a real hectic day at work, on the way home, I see the sunset and all becomes well in the world again.

I was at a meeting till around 18h00 yesterday in Woodmead and I just stepped outside to take a call and I was greeted with this spectacular panorama. I actually just chilled outside for a few minutes until it started to get dark before I returned to the meeting. Although Woodmead and Sunninghill, being new suburbs, have mostly townhouses and business parks, the view of the sunset from these suburbs is one of the best in Jozi. This picture was taken from an office park next to Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead. Click the picture for the stunning panorama. One of the best places to also catch the sunset is from the top of the newly named Van Der Bijl Road (or as it was known, the K60 or Bob Road!) Expect more pictures and some information on where exactly to go to get some really great pictures in the coming months.

  1. Keshin Govender says:

    Nice… That view looks very familiar.. very “frenchy” in fact.. hehehehehe

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